ibt testimonials


"IBT is deeper than basketball. Not only do they improve your skills on the court, but they also teach values such as hard work, loyalty and commitment that easily translate to LIFE!”

Rob Brandenburg

Shooting Guard – Virginia Commonwealth University


"I think the IBT program is great for athletes that want to get better. The trainers push you to become better on and off the court. The wide variety of equipment like bands and dummy defenders used in the program also are great for advancements in a player’s game.”

Elijah Allen

Shooting Guard – Giessen, Germany Pro League


“My experience with IBT was great. It started off with Lamar asking me what I wanted to work on and my strengths and weaknesses. This made my workout worthwhile, and for us to be on the same page with what I need improvement on. My actual workout was with 2 other collegiate men basketball players, and that just added to the challenge. It made me have to work even harder to keep up with them. The ball handling drills we started off with were challenging but helpful. Usually most workouts contain the same basic ball handling drills, but I had never done the ones at this IBT workout. I really liked that it was different from others. Next, we incorporated ball handling into other layup drills which made me focus on a quick first step and a hard drive to the basket while keeping the ball in control. As the workout progressed we continued to add more ball handling moves while making it game like, which was also helpful. The pace of the workout kept me sweating, and allowed me to continue to get in basketball shape. Lastly, we focused on shooting, pivots, and ball fakes. These are fundamental skills that as a player grows they tend to forget to add it into their game so it was good to bring that back to memory. Lamar was able to give me constructive criticism throughout the workout that I will take with me for the future. I truly felt that this IBT workout made me better and I definitely will continue to attend these workouts!”

Tyler Craig

Guard- Bucknell University


"My experience with IBT was a great one. It was short and intense, but in that 30 minute span we worked on ball handling that exposed weak areas that I need to work on. We worked on change of direction and change of speed with finishing at the rim with another obstacle to keep my focus. Overall it was extravagant and I can’t wait until my next workout.”

Briante Weber

Combo Guard – Virginia Commonwealth University

2012-13′ A-10 Defensive Player of the year


“IBT has given me some of the best skill development work I’ve ever had. It pushes me to become a better player and to get better every workout. IBT helps me refine skills and create new ones, because it specializes in things I personally need to work on. I recommend IBT to all players that want to take their game to the next level.”

Tyler Kelly

Junior G – Southern Florida


“IBT helps me improve my game by not only working on shooting and defense, but also through the little things like technique and posture that a lot of players don’t work on. They are always there for me, and ready to get in the gym even when I don’t want to. They are helping me improve my game so I can get ready for the next level and dominate.”

Chad Nelson

Shooting Guard – Ohio Dominican University


"That IBT workout was really good! It was intense, focused on certain things I was weak at, and helped me a lot! Hopefully we can keep at this so by next season I will be ready. Thank you!”

Katrina Salinas

Combo Guard – Bowling Green State University


"Me and my husband wanted to thank you for all the work you have done with our son. We are really excited about the progress we are seeing in such little time. We hope that you will be available for a while. Because after his leagues we really want to focus more on his shot and leadership skills."

-Parent of 6th Grade Player